"If any man willeth to do His will, he shall know of the teaching," John 7:17.

Constant, perfect obedience to the divine will is sure to bring new revelations of the possibilities of grace and glory. Only a few are willing to pay the price - to keep step with God. The author of this booklet enjoys the light of the Pentecostal experience, and has discovered the way into "the secret place of the Most High," where God speaks to the one who will in stillness wait to hear His voice. Our brother has been privileged to see things and hear voices that are never seen or heard on land or sea. In the following pages he writes on subjects in which every Christian should be interested, but more especially those who are pressing the work of the world-wide evangelism.

We are evidently nearing the end of the present dispensation, and the foregleams of a new era are already seen by the faithful watchers. Only a few positively knew of the coming of the flood. Only a few were notified of the coming and presence of the world’s redeemer. Only a few are now privileged to see the gilding of the margin of the cloud which foretells the "rapture of the saints," to be followed by the world’s darkest night. The design of this booklet is to stimulate the glorious expectation of the saint, and also sound the note of warning to the thoughtless, and to impel to new effort in preparation for the coming crisis.