Loughor, Wales.
Nov. 14, ‘05.

Rev. F. Bartleman.

My Dear Comrade,
What can I say that will encourage you in this terrible fight? I find it is a most awful one. During the last few days I feel as though a deluge of sin has swept over our land. This to me, proves that the kingdom of the evil one is besieged on every side. Oh! the millions of prayers; not simply the form of prayer, but the soul finding its way right to the White Throne. People in Wales can pray during the last year. May the dear Lord bless you with a mighty, downpouring.

In Wales it seems as if the Holy One rests upon the congregation awaiting the opening of the hearts of the followers of Christ.

We had a mighty downpouring of the Holy Spirit last Saturday night. This was preceded by the correcting of their views of true worship:

(1) To give unto God; not to receive.

(2) To please God; not to satisfy ourselves. Therefore, looking to God, and forgetting the Enemy, and also the fear of man, we prayed the Lord’s prayer, and the third time the Spirit descended.

I pray God to hear your prayer, to keep your faith strong, and to save California.

May the zeal of God do so.

I remain yours in the fight,